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invibio spine device technology

PEEK-OPTIMA Spinal Rod Components

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Semi-rigid constructs bridge the treatment gap.

Invibio PEEK-OPTIMA Spinal Rod components offer a semi-rigid posterior fixation solution that bridges the gap between stiff all-metal constructs and dynamic treatment options. Constructs built with PEEK-OPTIMA spinal rods have the same level of stability as those built with Titanium rods, with the added benefit of a lower stiffness and radiolucency.

Patients may benefit from:
  • Improved load sharing to encourage fusion. 1-3
  • More physiologic loading at adjacent levels, which may decelerate degeneration. 4-5
  • Reduced stress at the bone-to-screw interface, which may prevent screw pull-out, especially in patients with questionable bone quality. 4-5

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“I have a lot of patients who need one level fixation and I’ve always been frightened to use too rigid a system and to destroy the adjacent levels in the future. To find a device to try to protect the adjacent level is for me very important… I think PEEK Rods can be the alternative and maybe can replace, time after time, the rigid posterior fixation.”