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FDA reclassifies semi-rigid spinal stabilization systems providing new possibilities for treating patients.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently reclassified semi-rigid spinal stabilization systems from Class III to Class II * offering a regulatory pathway to 510(k) clearance in the United States for innovative devices using PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymer based rods.  Substantial evidence was presented in reaching this conclusion, including data from over 51,000 PEEK rod implantations.

The FDA decision supports the safety of semi-rigid systems and provides greater options for surgeons who prefer more flexibility than traditional rigid pedicle screw systems to achieve fusion.

To learn more about the final ruling, “Orthopedic Devices; Reclassification of Pedicle Screw Systems, Henceforth To Be Known as Thoracolumbosacral Pedicle Screw Systems, Including Semi-Rigid Systems”  click here


* The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) renamed dynamic stabilization systems as "semi-rigid systems," and defined them as a sub-type of pedicle screw systems, now referenced as "thoracolumbosacral pedicle screw systems"

Semi-rigid constructs bridge the treatment gap.

Invibio PEEK-OPTIMA Spinal Rod components offer a semi-rigid posterior fixation solution that bridges the gap between stiff all-metal constructs and dynamic treatment options. Constructs built with PEEK-OPTIMA spinal rods have the same level of stability as those built with Titanium rods, with the added benefit of a lower stiffness and radiolucency.

Patients may benefit from:
  • Improved load sharing to encourage fusion. 1-3
  • More physiologic loading at adjacent levels, which may decelerate degeneration. 4-5
  • Reduced stress at the bone-to-screw interface, which may prevent screw pull-out, especially in patients with questionable bone quality. 4-5

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